Basmh hourly base cleaning Terms & condition

Basmh hourly base cleaning keen to perform its work according to the highest standards in the cleaning industry. Terefore, it is available all day and at  any hour, just one call Basmh staff is ready to serve that, we offers daily and hourly base cleaning to fulfill all costumer’s need. You can depend and trust our work. Basmh hourly base cleaning services is unique better than any other company. We are pleasant to serve you at and to any hour, you want. If your house is in a miserable case, Basmh will clean, wash, vacuum, and do everything at any hour. Consequently, your house clean and sparkle place. As we finish cleaning, we require the customer or their representative to approve the results.

In case of claim or disapproving about our work, Basmh ready to cover all expenses based on the present condition. However, costumer, have to take into consideration reasonable wear and tear and not on the value of a corresponding brand new item. We require atlas 24 hour notification regarding cancellation of booked services. Otherwise, we will impose the cancellation fee at her costumer

Basmh hourly base cleaning

With our hourly base cleaning, you just relax and watch your house clean and tidy. Because Basmh cleans what you have thought impossible to clean. We are the best solution for your problem. In our website all content and image belongs or licensed to our company. Its material is not limited to layout. It includes the design, look, appearance, and graphics. It includes also cookies, privacy policy, hourly cleaning, and such. Our management strictly prohibit reproduction .whereas there is an exception to copyright notice. It forms part of these terms and conditions. Your use of this website and any dispute arise out of it is subject to the local UAE LAWS.