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Basmh is the best move cleaning company in Dubai. Consequently, you can depend on it in cleaning when you move or leave to a new place, office or apartment. Basmh Company offer high cleaning standard. These standard are set to meet the imaginations and hopes of real estate agencies, proprietors, and tenants.  Our staff clean  from ceiling to floor. In addition, they clean cabinet drawers and doors. Basmh staff clean frames, light fixtures and electric plates. They also vacuum anything that have dust on. In addition, they clean and sanitizing bathrooms and kitchen.

Basmh Move Service Offer:

Basmh provide excellent customer reviews. Therefore, it has dedicated staff that are fully equipped to serve you. Consequently, they provide same day service, weekends and weekdays. They clean vacuum cleaner and mop floor in your home. In addition, they dust tops of wardrobes and cupboards. Our staff clean the interior of all reachable windows and their sills and frames. We offer flexible appointing hours.

Basmh Move In/Out Checklist:

Things we do when you book this service with us:


Our staff are experienced in kitchen cleaning. Consequently, they wash and polish all kitchen cabinet surfaces. Our maids empty and disinfect bins. In addition, they clean cupboards, drawers, washing machine and dishwasher from inside and outside. They soap drawers and filters.


Our staff professionally clean, polish and disinfect shower, bath, toilet, tiles and mirrors. In addition, they wash and sanitize floors. Consequently, they use the correct cleaning material or the one you prefer. In addition, our maids clean, polish and dry bath taps. Moreover, they remove mold growth if they find any.

Basmh offer plans that save customer’s time and money.

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